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Well, the pasta was amazing. Seriously, probably some of the best food I’ve cooked. You have to make it (Nigella’s rigatoni al forno). Nigella’s recipe portions it for 16 people (Oh Nige, what are you like!) but I cut it down by roughly a third so I guess it would feed about 10 people, half of which is in now the freezer – the sauce, not the guests.

The Toblerone tiramisu I wasn’t so keen on. Everyone ate it up and made ‘mmm, yummy’ type noises but they were bound to, weren’t they? I have reasonably polite dining companions, generally speaking. I found that the bottom layer of sponge soaked up too much coffee/amaretto liquid and was sloppy. The ratios of sugary, creamy mascarpone mix to sponge was weighted in the cheese’s favour. I would stop at step 3 of the recipe which will leave you with nice chocolate cupcakes with a chunk of slightly melted, slightly crunchy Toblerone in the middle. Dust with some icing sugar then make a wee stencil star and dust with cocoa powder and voila. In fact, I’ll do that next week and show you, mkay?

PS. The image in my top banner now was taken in ShakeShack in New York last year. We went for a week and ate at some of the best restaurants I’ve ever been too – and yet the only place we went twice was this burger stand in Madison Square Park. It’s junk food ecstasy. Cheeseburger (almost too salty but not quite, properly juicy with very sticky cheese), crinkle cut fries (the extra surface area due to crinkle cut means more potato in contact with oil which then means crispier outside and fluffier inside) and chocolate brownie concrete (extra thick frozen custard with your choice of sauce swirled through – chocolate – and topping – brownie – and the ubiqutious maraschino cherry. Contrastingly, this meal incorporate both extreme joy and a heart attack in one sitting. And you queue at least an hour for it.


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Tonight I will mostly be…

Making this Toblerone tiramisu. Which requires Amaretto. So having bought a whole bottle of Originale Disaronno Amaretto, wouldn’t it be plain daft not to make these cranberry cooler cocktails too?

Shall report back tomorrow, my lovelies, after loading my my unsuspecting guests with the above and also Nigella’s rigatoni al forno (from Feast. Can’t seem to find the recipe online but please ask if you want it and I’ll write it up). Which I made last night and left to bubble for 3 hours. Tastes delicious but sadly my flat, all belongings and even hair, smell of garlic, bay leaves and simmering meat. Mmm-mmmm.

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Fish ‘n’ alkyhol

A new approach – turns out that writing reviews is making me yawn. So it’s to be much more quickfire then straight to the chat:

Crabshakk – tiny and hot, fishy and fishier. Marion had spoots (razor clams to my Anglo readers) which stole the show. I’m going back at the weekend.

Lebowski’s – home of 28 different kinds of white russians (note the lower case R). I had a vanilla Skyy one which tasted far too much like a chocolate milkshake for it to be consumed safely. Nice d├ęcor (this opinion formed purely on the fact that their wallpaper is also in my study), friendly, stoned bar man and good tunes. What more could you ask for?
Maybe for there not to be a table of rich neds behind you, knocking their glasses all over the floor and snorting a lot. But it was worth it for the cocktail.

Neighbourhood – I was told this was home to the best vodka cranberry in Glasgow. A weird award (how special can vodka mixed with cranberry juice really be?), but actually well-deserved. I think they use real cranberry juice and put extra lime and maybe ginger in it? Not sure. Either way, delicious.

What wasn’t delicious was my headache this morning after an evening of aforementioned consumption. A small toll for a night out with some girls who made me laugh a lot though. I got them into Postcrossing too, which is basically a way to spice up your usual doormat of bills and Firebox catalogues with colourful postcards from strange folk around the world. Sure, I may partake but I’m not strange, oh no. I’m doing it ironically.

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