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Farmers’ Market

Visiting the Shawlands Farmers’ Market in Queen’s Park was one little item my 101 list but it’s now become a big part of how we eat.
The market comes every fornight and I buy what I need for the next two weeks and plan our meals around that. It means there are fewer nights of realising there’s nothing in the fridge and dashing to M&S with a sweaty £20 note in my hand. Or ending up having beans on toast (again). Or of wasting food because I’ve forgotten it was there before it goes off or deciding there’s nothing to ‘go with’ it.

So, in the spirit of being more organised and adventurous with recipes, I write a list of the dinners we’ll have for the next 14 days (taking into account eating out etc) and try to slip as many new things in as possible. And since most of the main parts of the dishes are from the farmer’s market, it tends to be pretty seasonal too.

Here are a few highlights of what’s coming up:
Moroccan Spice and Lemon roast chicken
Chicken and sweet leek pie (recipe says turkey but we’ll have chicken leftovers)
Mirin-glazed salmon
Lamb curry (via Jamie Oliver and his mate Peter)
Sea bream with pesto and roasted tomatoes (Recipe is for cod but I have sea bream to use!)
Finally, I have some smoked mackerel so will be trying a couple of these babies.

I will report back on which recipes make it onto the ‘OMG, can we have that again this week??’ list.


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I say dance – that’s a very loose description of me doing ‘zumba’. I’m completely addicted though – a Latina dance/aerobics mish mash. It’s extremely fun. Imagine doing exercise without realising you’re doing it. That’s zumba. If you look like a drunken baby giraffe whilst trying to keep up, that’s ok. In fact, that’s mean you’re doing it right.

Since I’m burning off that massive amount of calories while prancing about a bit twice a week, I’ve had to find new places to consume deliciousness. I have found Cookie – an Italian restaurant in Shawlands, with a difference. It’s ethos is to bring good food and cooking back into our own kitchens, not just something we have when eating out. It runs a range of cookery classes, loads of food and wine events (a movie night where they serve dinner while you watch a film!) plus a fab deli and grocery section. And the staff are always very happy to tell you where to buy the best ingredients and how to make amazing Italian food at home.
One the night we went in, there was one waiter who managed the whole place admirably and one chef, who managed to get really great dishes out of the kitchen while rustling up a lemon and polenta cake for the next day and baking some rosemary and dried tomato bread rolls. Wow. The shin of beef dish was pretty wow too.

In the spirit of Italian cookery, I made this bolognese sauce the other night. Now I know, spaghetti bolognese is generally nothing to write home about but this so is. Seriously, whip out that fountain pen and get scribbling, the folks will want to know all about it.

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