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So was Santa good to you? I can only assume he got my list mixed up with some stray-cat-adopting, blood-donating, vegetarian soup-kitchen volunteer as I certainly haven’t been good enough to deserve the delights given to me.
Le Crueset dishes aside (just for the moment, I’m afraid they will be back with a vengeance as soon as I start cooking in the new year!), I also got this beautiful antique jewellery stand. This was a ‘wee extra’ from the excellent MrT but I adore it. He also bought me the Dawson’s Creek boxset (I know he struggled with this – teen angst overload begin!), a gorgeous necklace, some sewing books, 12 Lush bathbombs and other trinkets. And this New York purse I’d been dreaming of. And finally – an IOU for a clothes shopping spree in London in the last weekend in January! Whoopeee, Anthropologie here I come! (I think this shop warrants its own post. Will do that soon.)

I also got Eve Lom cleanser. It is so good. I’ve read about it in magazines for a few years but always balked at the price. My rather brilliant mum plowed right in and got me it though and I’m forever grateful. My skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom – a baby that has been using Creme de la Mer at every nappy change, that is.

And, hello there – I am the proud owner of these rather fabulous Vivenne Westwood boots. Surely the prettiest rubber boots ever to prance the land? I think so. I think they are either love ’em or hate ’em though so feel free to be a hater. I won’t notice, I’ll be too busy admiring my new boots. Cheers Mum!

Filling up the rest of my stocking(s) was some cosy PJs, a gorgeous leather handbag, some skirts and tops, a bracelet, cupcake lipglosses, some books, leather gloves, a beautiful Cath Kidston knitting bag, candles, perfume (Euphoria by Calvin Klein – v pretty), the biggest scarf that could possibly exist, much Soap and Glory joy, more chocolate than I care to mention, an enormous pannettone (now all gone…) and £20 from my lovely granny.
I will buy fabric with that – the gift that keeps on (and on and on, as I’m a slow seamstress) giving.

Thanks everyone! x


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Loco Coco

Meet the new addition to the family – our puppy, Coco!
She’s proving to be a very fiesty and bouncy companion for the spoiled firstborn, Luxy.
It’s hard not to smile at a squeaky handful of puppy-fluff barrelling through the house to meet you in the hallway.
I predict, though, that it will be very easy not to smile in a few weeks when I find her needle-sharp teeth and some pretty belonging of mine joining in an almighty, mess-creating union…

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