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Things what I wants

I’m considering taking some holiday from work in the next couple of weeks so I have time to get making (and redecorating my house as we’re hoping to sell it soon but I’ll bypass that chore for now).

I don’t have a child by I can imagine a few who’d be delighted to have this completely amazing play kitchen made for them. Help is at hand here , thanks to the lovely Jane Little (there are other versions in her photostream too, v pretty!)

Please, someone tell me why I haven’t yet painted my own Matryoshka dolls ?

Or bought this pretty book on remaking dresses and set immediately to frantic work?

I also want to bake this cake. Now Then eat copious slices of it.

Gah, the leap from 4 working days to 5 has really taken its toll on my crafting time. Must rememdy that. Stat.


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A place to make

I’ve finally got round to finding a wee nook for all my craft stuff. What a relief! I say ‘all’ my craft stuff, and that’s not quite true. There’s a load of lesser used material in a trunk in my bedroom but for the moment, here is the new home of my day-to-day sewing stuff.

Just need to paint it white and put on a beautiful new jewelled drawer handle I got at Bombay Duck and I’m done! Hmm, maybe retake the shot in daylight (when we get some) – it’s every so slightly fake-tan orange, no?

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Festive highs and lows

Let’s start with the lows and get them over with, eh? Without further ado…

My cinder-crisp orange slices. Not at all like they were supposed to look (meant to be sumptuous, golden, transparent beauties. Not blackened bin-leftovers.)

Swiftly whisking you on to the highs now (oranges? What oranges?) – first was my wrapping which I had the best fun doing. From traipsing around second hand shops to find old music sheets and Oor Wullie annuals, to chopping them up and using my snowflake hole punch to make gift tags and tying little stars anise to them, to piling them in intricate displays under the tree (for the dog to knock over. Roasted Schnauzer for Christmas dinner next year, I tell ya).

Dipping down to another low – my love/hate relationship with Bondaweb. To start with, I loved it. So easy to use and an effective finish. I used it on a few of the bags I made then wrapped them all up and posted them off. The next day I noticed one of the things I’d Bondawebbed down was peeling. Right off. I ran a tacking stitch in a nice, contrasting thread around it to pin it down but it was too late for the other pieces which were already being whisked (or, since it’s Royal Mail after all, dragged at a painstakingly slow pace) around the UK. An emailed disclaimer is not something you want to receive before your gift even arrives – ‘By the way, the thing I sent you is a bit rubbish. Please send it back and I’ll fix it.’ Sob!

And onto a final (kind of) high – the fact that I managed to finish these bags in time for Christmas. It was a close call. Drawstring pencil bags with personalised colouring pencils inside for Katie, Jack and Maisie.

And this shopper bag for Laura.

Made with a fab bright pink Michael Miller Eiffel Tower fabric that I’m more than a wee bit in love with (my finger is currently hovering over the Buy Now button on a few metres of the turquoise to make me some cushions…). I toughened it up with some interfacing that turned out to be stiffer than expected so the bag would probably double as an umbrella stand. Ooops.

Ah well, onwards and upwards. I got a book on quilting for Christmas. If I start in January, maybe I’ll get a quilt done for next Christmas? Maybe. Watch this space.

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60 hours til Christmas!

And that is the reason I have no time to make these, even though I really, really want to. Ah well, there’s always Christmas 2010 to start planning…

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I’m making things

I am, I swear. I just need to finish some stuff and also sort my camera out and it will be exhibition time (blog exhibition, that is). Annie – your guilt trip worked. I’m blogging again, even if I’m actually posting to say why I’m not blogging…

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