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I’m wearing ballet pumps today, red with big bows on (first time in 2010!)
I bought daffodils and tulips yesterday, they are living in a big bowl in the kitchen.
On Saturday, we ate scallops and langoustines and chips with garlic mayo while drowing ourselves in chilled prosecco, beside a window of bright blue sky and blinding sun.

Spring has sprung then?, nodding with knowledgeable smile.
Er, no, actually. Today is now very grey and wet and I’m wearing a scarf while I sit at my desk. My flowers are lies.

The only spring in my step is the anticipation of Wagamama for dinner tonight with friends, followed by a trip to the GFT to see Gentleman Broncos (with Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. I am in love with everything about this show.)


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Tasty Delights

I forgot I made clementine curd! Well, I forgot to tell you I made it. From Jamie Oliver’s Christms magazine – which was great, actually.
And I forgot to take photos of said curd but please believe me when I tell you it did exist!
A tip for any curdmakers out there – it takes a long time stirring it to get it up to the correct consistency. I was thinking a 5 minute stir but no, it was nearer 20 mins. I think my clementines were very ripe though so may have been juicier than others, hence more liquid. Either way, stir away and then stir some more. You’re not doing it wrong.

In other news, I went to Loch Leven’s Larder with a lovely friend (and her mum, hehe!) the other day and got some components of my Seven Days of Specialness swap item. Very excited about this.
Loch Leven’s Larder itself is just fab – great little cafe and even better little shop. They were selling off festive items at 25% off everything which was nice but I’ll definitely be back as spring creeps in to see their new collection. Thanks for the introduction Annie!

Right, I’m off to do more swap-work!

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